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Ford 4.2 V6 Truck Engines

Originally, the 4.2 liter V6 engine made by Ford, which is part of the Essex engine family was made for the F150 pickup truck. Brought out in 1997 to replace the old, but reliable 300 cubic inch inline 6 cylinder engine. Sold as the ESG-642 engine. It is an OHV [overhead valve] design with push-rods instead of overhead camshaft/s. A bit old fashioned compared to the OHC [overhead cam] engines so common nowadays, but still very effective.

Though it’s out of production and it was eventually used in many Ford cars, when we get inquiries for Ford 4.2 V6 Truck Engines, it’s a pleasure to say we carry all forms of replacement engines. Just make the call to TruckEnginesForSale.com.

It was a good engine and considered reliable except for the 1997 and 1998 model years. The model years listed in the above sentence, of the Ford 4.2L V6 motor, had a serious problem that led to an Owner Notification Program # 99B29: this is an in house recall that has expired, but the problem was the gasket on the timing cover was too thin it would fail which dumped coolant into the engine which in many cases demolished the engine.

Being a design flaw, it is easily correctable with the updated gaskets and manifold. Otherwise the engine is of solid integrity and gives good service life. It eventually was used in these non truck vehicles. The 2004 to 2007 Ford Freestar and the 2004 to 2007 Mercury Monterey.

Depending on the year of your vehicle and your intentions, that will determine which variation of the Essex 4.2 liter engine you need. We offer choices in replacement engines so everyone can afford to fix their car.

For older vehicles, and the 1997 and 1998 models [problem years], a rebuilt engine is your best choice and most cost effective. For the troublesome models, all of the concerning parts are replaced with updated parts, thus eliminating the problems. The older trucks deserve a rebuilt engine, it costs less than you think.

We sell good used engines too. If it’s for sale, then it has been pre checked in the donor vehicle first, in order to make sure it runs perfectly. We won’t sell you a “junk yard” used engine.

Some people prefer a brand new engine. New engines offer the long term reliability many people demand. Especially commercial vehicles and vehicle that carry kids and other valuable payloads. Wait until you find out we cost about 40 percent less than the dealer.

It’s worth calling TruckEnginesForSale.com and asking the questions you need answered truthfully. One of our goals is to provide enough education so you understand what you are buying. An educated customer always makes a better decision.

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